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Enhancing Special Educational Needs Delivery at Cottesmore School with Interactive Tutor

Updated: Jan 18


Cottesmore School, under the proficient guidance of Emma Field, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and Head of Learning Support, has adopted a transformative approach to managing special educational needs (SEN) through the deployment of Interactive Tutor.

The Challenge

In educational settings, SEN documentation, such as Educational Psychologist (EP) reports, is exhaustive and dense, often spanning 20-30 pages with vital recommendations. Emma's role entails comprehensively understanding these reports, discussing them with families, and ensuring their recommendations are effectively communicated to and implemented by teaching staff. This process, though crucial, is exceptionally time-consuming, often consuming hours that could otherwise be devoted to direct student engagement.

Solution Implementation: Interactive Tutor

Interactive Tutor is an AI solution tailored for educational institutions. It integrates seamlessly with existing school data systems, allowing for a secure and efficient way to handle sensitive educational data. The tool's capabilities were demonstrated using real, anonymised EP reports.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Efficient Data Processing: By photographing and uploading EP reports, Interactive Tutor rapidly summarises the content, identifying key areas for further assessment and offering actionable recommendations.

2. Bespoke Educational Support: The AI analyses specific student needs within a particular year group, referencing external guidance and school data to produce personalised suggestions for each student with SEN.

3. Classroom Integration: Beyond summarisation, Interactive Tutor offers practical advice, such as seating arrangements, to optimise the learning environment for students with various needs, like hearing impairments or autism spectrum conditions.

4. Streamlined Administrative Tasks: The AI condenses extensive reports into concise, bullet-point lists that are easily digestible and actionable for teachers, adhering to regulatory requirements and improving the efficacy of SEN strategies.

Impact on Emma's Role and Student Support

The adoption of Interactive Tutor has had a profound impact on Emma's efficiency and effectiveness as a SENCo at Cottesmore School. The time saved in processing and analysing lengthy reports is now redirected towards more impactful activities, such as:

- Enhanced Classroom Engagement: With more time available, Emma can focus on building relationships with students, understanding their individual needs, and tailoring support in a more hands-on manner.

- Data Security and Compliance: The tool ensures that sensitive student data is handled securely, maintaining compliance with educational regulations.

- Improved Teacher Support: Teachers receive clear, concise guidance on supporting SEN students, enabling them to adapt their teaching strategies more effectively.


Interactive Tutor represents a significant step forward in the management of SEN at Cottesmore School. By harnessing AI, the school has not only streamlined administrative processes but also enhanced the quality of support provided to SEN students. This case study exemplifies the potential of technology in revolutionising educational practices, particularly in the realm of special educational needs.

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