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Interactive Tutor Video Explainers

My name is Alex, and I am the founder of Interactive Tutor and frankly, I could not be more proud of the solution our team has developed. In building Interactive Tutor we have been driven by one goal:

To create simply the best AI for educators.

And, we think, that core to that is ensuring the educators themselves have control. Control to create, use and share the AI that helps them.

In these five videos you will see the core features and functionality of Interactive Tutor. I hope you like what we have built.



Subscribing to Interactive Tutor is easy and inexpensive. For individual teachers it is £8.99 per month and for entire schools with unlimited licences it is £469 per month.

Next, we will look at how to create your own, totally unique AI.


Creating Your Own AI Bots

It is incredibly easy to create your AI Bots, but remember, it is also very easy to update and edit them if you need to make tweaks to the way the AI behaves. Time invested here will pay dividends in the future.

Now, we will look at how you can use your AI Bots.


Using Your AI Bots

Your AI Bots can work with text, so asking it to do things by typing into the chat bar (on using your microphone on your phone to talk with it), by uploading photos or by using documents.

This increases the versatility of your AI Bots to do what you need with what you have.

But, if we want the AI Bots to be shared, how can we make them pretty?


Customisation and Sharing

You can get really creative with styling your AI Bots, adding buttons and animated GIFs. There are also a lot of choices for how you can share your AI Bots with others. Whether colleagues or pupils, choosing the right approach will ensure safety for users.

But what if you don't want to create AI Bots, but want to find others?


AI Bot Library

The AI Bot library is a collaborative space for educators. You can publish, search, review, award badges and access AI Bots created by others.

We would love nothing more then to support a global community of educators creating, using and sharing AI Bots with each other. To help them do what they do best!


If you want to book a demo with me, or a member of our

team please click on the button below:


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