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Wisbech Grammar School's Integration of Interactive Tutor with Wonde

Updated: Dec 21, 2023


Wisbech Grammar School recently embarked on an innovative journey to integrate Interactive Tutor, an AI-based educational tool, with Wonde, a comprehensive data management system. This integration was driven by the school's commitment to enhancing the efficiency of administrative tasks and improving the overall educational experience.

Dummy Data Example


A pre-project survey conducted at Wisbech Grammar School revealed significant insights into the administrative challenges faced by teachers. The majority of teachers, with varying years of experience, reported spending between 6 to 15 hours, and often more, on administrative tasks each week. Crucially, these tasks were mostly undertaken outside of school hours, indicating a substantial impact on personal time. The most time-consuming tasks included marking assignments/tests, planning lessons, managing parent-teacher communications, and preparing grade cards and pupil reports. These administrative burdens were frequently linked to feelings of stress and overwhelm among the teaching staff.

Need for Integration

The survey results underscored a critical need for a solution that could streamline administrative tasks, especially those contributing significantly to staff stress. Wisbech Grammar School identified Interactive Tutor and Wonde as potent tools that could address these challenges effectively.

Wonde’s Role

Wonde provides a secure and efficient platform for managing school data. It integrates seamlessly with school MIS (Management Information Systems), ensuring data is securely maintained, managed, and accessible through a single portal. This system supports over 23,000 schools globally, offering robust solutions for schools' data management needs.

Interactive Tutor's Contribution

Interactive Tutor leverages AI to enhance various educational processes, including the creation of reports and personalisation of learning experiences. By integrating with Wonde, Interactive Tutor could access and utilise the rich data stored in Wonde's system, enabling the creation of tailored educational tools and reports.

Integration Process and Application

The integration involved connecting Interactive Tutor with Wonde’s API, allowing secure access to the school's MIS data. This process ensured that data privacy and security were maintained, as schools could define specific permissions for data access. A practical application of this integration was demonstrated in the creation of personalised reports for students, exemplified by a report for a student named Hubert Domain. This report, generated by Interactive Tutor using data from Wonde, could then be formatted appropriately for various communication needs.

Benefits and Outcomes

The integration led to several key benefits:

1. Reduction in Administrative Time: Teachers reported significant time savings, especially in tasks like report writing and marking.

2. Data Security and Customisation: With Wonde’s secure platform, data privacy was ensured, and the reports generated by Interactive Tutor were highly relevant and customised.

3. Enhanced Educational Experience: More efficient administrative processes led to better teaching strategies and improved student learning outcomes.

4. Stress Reduction: The reduction in time-consuming administrative tasks contributed to lowering stress levels among teachers.


The integration of Interactive Tutor with Wonde at Wisbech Grammar School represents a pioneering step in the fusion of educational technology with data management systems. This synergy not only streamlines school operations but also opens new avenues for personalised and efficient education, benefiting both teachers and students.

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